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PIKSL has the knowledge and the experts to simplify any digital content. Barriers that remain hidden to many of us, are easily detected by people with learning disabilities who often have a lot of experience finding workarounds for themselves, because many digital services are not yet inclusive.  PIKSL is all about reducing digital barriers and we are convinced that it is mandatory to involve our experts with learning disabilities to generate the best results.

E.ON, a large energy company from Germany has used this expertise of the PIKSL team and simplified their payment services on their website. In several inclusive workshops and in iterative testing, our experts consulted the company on simplifying potentials and redesigned part of their online appearance. Such market based revenues help us to improve and develop PIKSL and they are a boost to our expert’s self-esteem, because they can prove their abilities in the challenging business world. E.ON bought a service from PIKSL that they wouldn’t be able to get from everyone else – it is the expertise in reducing complexity.

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